saturday brunch

April 13, 2012
we all got the same thing
sara and em
the view
french toast sandwich + fresh fruit

Our Saturday brunch between high school girl friends. Em showed us her wedding dress + church, Sara "convinced" us to get mimosas, and we all ordered the same thing. (A French toast sandwich?! How could we not?)


  1. That strawberry salad looks amazing! Reunions of true old friends are the best : )

  2. Beach Chalet off The Great Highway :)

  3. your photos make me hungry every time! a french toast sandwich !?! genius. pure genius. happy eating!

  4. Celeste, every time I read your blog I think to myself "wow, I wish I could live in the Bay area. This looks soooo San Francisco." Then I stop and realize that I live in the bay! I want to experience YOUR San Francisco!! It looks so fun, so cool, sooo California!!!! Can I please shadow you every weekend after June? please? should I fill out an application (like those apps to shadow doctors haha) :)<3

  5. oh the bright orange and red just gets me in the mood for a beach side brunch of my own!!! what great shots you got of everything and that ft sandwich looks epic. total cooking revelation, i gotta try this myself. happy weekend! ♥

  6. french toast sandwich sounds like the most beautiful sandwich of all time. holy moly. must make.

  7. i love sunny mornings with friends!

  8. Mimosas and French Toast... you CAN'T go wrong! Looks delicious!!
    Sara Grace (your newest follower)