April 27, 2012
8:00 am earlier morning

9:00am morning

10:00am lost

11:00am the L train

12:00pm jean

1:00pm brooklyn

bagel + subway

3:00pm brian

4:00pm drinks

5:00pm girls and boys

6:00pm daily birthday

7:00pm !!

8:00pm 2nd avenue

9:00pm bibimbop

10:00pm karaoke

Another birthday (almost) documented hour-by-hour. This birthday was different, I spent most of it alone running work errands. I was feeling a little defeated until a taxi driver finally agreed to take me from downtown Brooklyn to Williamsburg (several drivers had already refused). When I stepped into the cab, it was flooded with classical music. I chatted with the driver, Jean, who spoke French and was from Haiti. He asked where I was from, where my family was from, and told me the only Tagalog he knew: "mahal kita" ("I love you").

 I finally got some off-the-clock time and saw a filming of The Daily Show (!!) and eventually made my way to meet my coworkers for karaoke in Koreatown. After lots of delays and a quick bibimbap stop, I was worried because I was running late. I walked into our room and everyone started yelling and cheering, then breaking out into a huge chorus of "Happy Birthday." Most embarrassing/heartwarming/sweet.

 This time last year, I:
- had just met JGL (haha)
- was panicking about my future post-graduation
- began reading for fun again (homework be damned)
- was getting ready to become an au pair
- couldn't believe I was going back to Europe again.

 I don't have any "landmarks" coming up-- graduation is over, I have my first adulthood job. This next year is big and open and I can't wait.

(See 21 and 22)


  1. happy belated birthday!! I love this idea, I think 11am is my favourite!

  2. Ah, man! NY! Good times. You should get food in Flushing if you have the chance. Everything there is good.

  3. Happiest of birthdays to you, Celeste!! :)

  4. I am very happy for you, my dear Celeste! :)

  5. i love this take on your birthday! day-in-the-life's are some of my favorite posts, and this is great.
    Happy Birthday!

  6. i love the idea of you documenting your birthday



  7. Happy Happy (belated) Birthday!!

    p.s. - Cute post.

  8. Hola! Espero que visites mi nuevo diseñor de: mamaartista y me digas que te parece. Un saludo L+

    pd: te sigo!! Si te gusta mi blog sigueme. MUA

  9. happy {belated} birthday!!!! :D

  10. this is such a great way to document a birthday. hoping you had the loveliest of birthdays, dear!

  11. i totally missed this --- belated happy birthday!