philz coffee

March 6, 2012

It felt like I was the last person in the entire world to have tried Philz. Or at least the Bay Area.

No matter. Sunday was beautiful- it felt like summer. I left my coat in the car, walked in the sunshine, got in line at Philz and decided to get a chai-- my default drink everywhere I go.

At Philz, each cup is brewed individually. You walk up, place your order in a little booth-like window, then wait. While I stood in line I heard certain names get called more often than others. Tesora. Jacobs. Iced Mint Mojito.

The minute I heard the mojito I felt it was too warm for chai. Why not try something new? So I changed my order on a whim.

Anyone can stand in a coffee shop and hear the finished orders, but I like to think this particular piece of heaven found me.


  1. LOVER!
    Is this the one close to the cal train station in 4th and king? if so, that's where I always go on tuesday mornings!
    miss you bella del mio cuore!!

    1. This one was on 24th in the Mission but the 4th and king one is really close to where I work!

  2. Yeah, Philz is good stuff, and its locations rock.

  3. oh my gosh! my grandma took me here the last time i went to see her -- hands down a life changing cup of coffee!

  4. no your not because i have never had it! i need to try this out because it sounds wonderful!

  5. Umm why am I not in the bay area trying Iced Mint Mojitos right now? Life seems so unfair. :)

  6. super cute little place :) how was the Mojito?

  7. San Francisco is one of those cities I feel like I can revisit again and again. This place will definitely be on my list to check out next trip!

  8. Ive been there!! The iced mint mojito might be one of the best coffee experiences. If only I could have one right now!