white elephant sale

February 29, 2012
from the oakland white elephant sale

Every year the Oakland Museum hosts a "White Elephant" rummage sale from donations given throughout the preceding year. They collect and organize everything in an enormous warehouse and for one weekend, host their sale.

I was fortunate enough to get presale tickets to the warehouse from my friend Melissa so I didn't have to brave the crowds on the one weekend open to the public. The warehouse is overwhelmingly stocked with amazing finds. I walked in, couldn't believe how big the place was, and completely forgot to take any photos.

But here is my loot from the day-- all for about $35.

1. ruffly high-collar shirt
2. cheese knife
3. cheese cutting board with inlaying knife
4. decanter
5. personal library labels
6. vintage florence postcard
7. gelato ice cream scoop
8. set of napkins
9. thermos
10. dan haren bobble head

If you're in the Bay Area this weekend, I highly recommend going!!

PS - Happy Leap Day!


  1. sounds great! :)
    ...but way too far away for me. :(

  2. This sounds amazing! If I lived near the bay area I would definitely make a point of going.

    That is an insane amount of incredible things for only $35!


  3. wow!!! I love your adquisitions! specialy de silk shirt!!!.. the glass bottle! & the thermo!!!!

    great!!! ;)

    how lucky only 35!!!! I'm impressed!

  4. that's some pretty awesome finds. I love that ruffled shirt

  5. LOVE the ruffled blouse! Great find! :) And as a fellow foodie, love the cheese knife & board!

  6. LOVE the ruffle blouse! As a fellow foodie, love the cheese knife & board set! :) Great finds!