a cheese board pizza picnic

February 21, 2012

One of my favorite things about the Hobbit Castle was that it was right by Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto. Before planning our big night in, we spent the afternoon out having a pizza picnic on the median divide (i.e. between opposite traffic roads) on Shattuck.

pizza picnic
cute norris
kyle + pizza
cheese board
pizza picnic
thinnest crust

The line for Cheese Board Pizza was something ridiculous, but even more surprising was how quickly it went by. Cheese Board is unique in that they only serve one type of pizza each day so everyone's orders are limited to how many pizzas rather than the ingredients on them.

We couldn't find seats but ended up setting up a little pizza picnic of sorts on the grass outside in the perfect California winter weather. The pizza was thin crust, flavorful yet simple, and reminiscent of the pizzas I ate in Italy. In short, we loved it.

PS - A few weeks ago, I did an interview with Tara which is up on her blog now. She asked a lot of insightful questions and even though some of my answers have changed, it's nice to see how I've grown in just a few weeks. She says a lot of kind words (I'd blush if I could) and made me proud to be part of such a loving online community. #2 and #3 in the "7 things" about me section are my favorite.


  1. that pizza looks sooo good.

  2. that is my kind of picnic! i want to join in!

  3. That looks wonderfully delicious, and the setting is beautiful there ♥

  4. i absolutely want to go there next time i'm in berekly!

  5. wow, that pizza looks so fresh!

  6. That pizza looks so good I want to cry. I think I'm just ridiculously hungry or something, but I want that.

  7. My hubby won't stand in line for anything, I have lived in Berkeley for nearly 5 years and have yet to try it! My hubby is going on a biz trip and I am thinking of going on my own. I am not a big fan of pizza, greasy cheesey messes - like the European style the best which the pizza in your photos look like - so I think I must definitely give it a try! Thanks for the inspiration!