December 13, 2011
the outer frame
in our bee suits-- check out nikole's shoes!
langstroth frames
bees MADE this.
getting ready to smoke the hive
bees with their honey
made with love
golden harvest
A few scenes from the beekeeping class Nikole and I took this past weekend. We didn't know much about bees before the class and learned that they're actually really gentle bugs. Just a few years ago, honeybee populations had dropped around 70% but thanks to beekeepers (professionals and hobbyists alike), there has been a great effort to restore the population. It's amazing that bees can work together and create their own little community-- and that we get to have honey because of it.

I also learned that aside from being delicious, honey has a lot of healing properties as an antiseptic (you can use it instead of neosporin, etc). Of course, I'm mostly interested in what I can cook with it. Good thing I bought a little bottle of lavender-infused honey to bring home with me.

Check out more photos from the class here.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Great photos :]

  2. Such a fun and random activity to partake in!! Looks like a good [delicious] time.

  3. those photos are so beautiful! I've always been terrified of bees, though...

  4. wow how fun is that! we bought some local honey the other day, by the way it is so yummy, and tom mentioned that when we have a backyard he wants to have bees! i told him that would be his thing not mine ;D but would totally hep eat all the honey!

    can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!

  5. This actually looks like a lot of fun! :)
    Honey - yummy!

    I like your photos.

  6. i'm so impressed! good for you for taking the class. did you know my dad is a beekeeper? we love it! free honey.

  7. that's wonderful! i've been wanting to find out more about beekeeping for a while, and this has re-inspired me to take a class :)