scenes from home

November 21, 2011
It occurred to me that by posting my Lake Como photos last week, a lot of people thought I was still in Italy (and in the sunshine). Well.. I wish, but no. All of my recent travel photos are from my trip in August (I just take a long time to post everything).

So to bring my blog back to reality I thought I'd share some scenes from home. They're just a few little things, none having much to do with the others. But I like them, because I'm happy to be home (ironically, none of these are taken at my own home).
the view
pfeffer nüsse
harry potter characters
from melanie's sun room
3-bean & beer veggie chili
purple skies
1. Just after sunset.
2. Pfeffer nüsse.
3. Harry Potter polymer clay figurines by Melanie. Aren't they ADORABLE?! She made me a little owl.
4. The view from Mel's sun room.
5. Our new favorite Sunday night activity. I got a turkey last week!!!
6. Three-bean & beer veggie chili, homemade by David and yours truly.
7. Raiza, adorable as ever.
8. The most perfect, purple sunset.


  1. this is great. Sometimes home is just as great as traveling :)

  2. Raiza is the most adorable child!!!

  3. oh those harry potter ornaments are sooooo amazing!!!!!! is she selling them? so amazing!

  4. Cristie-- I'm trying to convince her to open up a little shop! I'll let you know if she does :)

  5. those HP figurines are fantastic!

  6. Raiza is super adorable! I <3 all photos. as always. you have a magnificent talent!

  7. these pictures are fantastic--and that little girl is ADORABLE.