an adventure in the woods

September 21, 2011
This is the last and final case of camera-regret from my trip.* The three of us went to the grocery store one morning, and on the way back, decided to pull over and take a little hike through Honsenhaas Skov (a tiny, little forest).
wild berries
eating berries we found
Luciano seemed to be the most familiar with the area-- he told us which ways to go-- while Maibritt and I just sort of followed along. All the while, Maibritt told me which fresh berries I could eat. (We ate a lot).
what is this?
walking in the woods

secret spot
And after walking up and down little hills, sun-streaked with morning light, Luciano finally found the spot he wanted to show us:
the world's most beautiful clouds
Another point of Denmark's many, beautiful ocean views, complete with the most gorgeous cloud-filled sky I've ever seen.

*Both Luciano and I forgot our cameras, but luckily Maibritt had hers in her purse for us to borrow. Photos 2-5 are by Luciano.


  1. that view seems definitely worth the trek. and thank god for maibritt :)

  2. these are beautiful! reminds me to go check out the blackberry bush outside my house to see if they are ready to pick! last week they were still red but it has been hot this past week so i am sure they are ready!

  3. I can't get over how beautiful Denmark is!

  4. you took such good pics! i love eating berries off the bush...those are the best :)

  5. I am expecting a post of *just* beautiful Danish men.

    okay maybe not totally kidding
    love you!