(belated) weekend

May 2, 2011
the lounge
the regency
birthday presents from mama!
the maranan family
raine + bubbles
baby raiza
A lot went wrong this weekend.

We ran late to our senior formal so we didn't eat dinner like we'd planned. I lost my lens cap. Our parking garage closed before we could get our car. We were stranded on Sutter and Polk (not the best area) at 3am.

And while it's easy for me to focus on what went wrong, there are a lot of things that went right.

1. I have a brother-in-law who is still awake at 3am.
2. My mom gave me a set of mismatched teacups for my birthday.
3. Raine and I had a mango picnic in their backyard.
4. I think that red lipstick suits me (thanks, sister).

It's the little things.


  1. You look gorgeous! When has your birthday! bon anniv!

  2. i love that shot of your profile. super gorgeous.

  3. whoaaa such great photos!!!!

  4. you look stunning, my dear. and teacups always tend to make most situations better, methinks.

  5. gorgeous photos, and you look absolutely stunning! x

  6. it looks like a wonderful weekend, regardless of the things that went wrong. plus you look gorgeous :)

  7. You look great! love the shoes! =)

    Were those club pictures at Ruby Skye in SF? It looks familiar!

  8. ahhh you look beautiful! did you get bangs? I like 'em a lot! Sorry to hear about your car but I'm glad someone was around to rescue you guys. I can't believe you have formals in college! that's so strange and cool to me, I love getting dressed up so I would've loved a senior formal haha

  9. sorry to hear about your weekend but there were so many things that went right!!! you can always replace your lens cap, right? and when all else fails red lipstick will always perk you up!


  10. Red definitely suits you!. Glad u could see the good above the bad!. Love those tea cups.

  11. You look beautiful! i think the red lipstick suits you very well, and your nieces are adorable!

    happy belated birthday!

  12. P.S i love the tea set!

  13. Ashley- This was at the Regency Center on Van Ness!

    Maddy- Yesssss! I actually got them a few weeks ago and they looked weird so it took me a while to get comfortable with them... hahaha

    CB- You're totally right. I just ordered a new lens cap last night and the red lipstick was a good pick-me-up :)

    Thanks for the love, guys!

  14. oh no! sutter & polk is not where i would want to be at 3 am dressed in fancy clothes! i'm so glad you guys were okay and were able to hitch a ride home. love the mix-matched tea set. so cute!

  15. i love the mismatched tea set! this whole post is so fun :)