March 7, 2011
downtown lights
chili flakes
university lights
spinach and onion scramble
the coffee house
portobello, before and after
polo players
woodside hillside
Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with the weekend. I love it because I get to go downtown with David (and get my beloved fresh taro!), stay up until 4am playing games, eat more than my stomach should actually hold, and see friends who come up from San Luis Obispo to play polo.

I hate it because it's so short. Because the whole time I'm trying to enjoy these things, I'm also trying not to worry about the three papers I have all due in the next week or so. And because my sleep schedule gets thrown off when I go to bed at 4 and don't wake up until almost noon.

But in the end it's mostly love. Just a week and a half until Spring Break!


  1. ooh all those pretty lights remind me of christmas! i also love the pictures of the polo match - i have never been to one.

    i went down to visit my alma mater this weekend and boy am i tired now. enjoy it now because the real world is certainly not as fun!


  2. lovely photos, those trees look so pretty all covered in lights! x

  3. I dislike that the weekend is short as well. Lovely photos, and the food looks delicious!

  4. Looks like fun! I hate it when the weekend feels like it rushes by!

  5. looks like a wonderful weekend :) great pics!!

  6. yes, the weekend flies by way too fast and then the week full of it's busyness is upon us. but it looks like your weekend (however short it may have felt) was awesome! yay! :) and good luck with the papers!

  7. ahhh i love all of the pretty lights! it makes me even more confident in the fact that once i have my own apartment i'm most likely going to be "that " person who keeps christmas lights up all year round.

    and ah, yes! in a way, the fleetingness of weekends is why they are so amazing in a way? the time crunch and the anticipation are part of their fun :) hope you have a lovely week!