a polo match

March 10, 2011
polo arena
On Saturday, David and I went to our first polo match ever. Within the first two minutes of the game, a ball whizzed right by our heads. But after that there were no other close calls. Our good friend, Mark, came up with his Cal Poly polo team to play against my school, but I still rooted for Cal Poly.

Interesting things about polo:

1. They call their quarters "chuckers."
2. Each player goes through 4 horses per game (one per chucker).
3. We got really good seats.
4. All of the horses' tails were braided up.
5. I would really like a pair of equestrian boots.
6. The game looks terrifying.
7. Imagine riding a horse with a stampede around you.
8. All while chasing a ball.
9. When I was little I was terrified of horses.
10. Not so much anymore. They're kind of cute.
stick thingies
just some things at the horse park


  1. I love horses! But honestly, I'm terrified of polo. With my luck, I'd get chucked on the head with one of those mallots...

  2. i have def not been to a polo match but it looks interesting!

  3. Looks like a lovely day, and a lot of fun! great photos.

  4. wow that sounds like a lot of fun to watch! where was the game at? golden gate park? i could imagine though that a stampede of horses all chasing after a small object would be a scary thing!


  5. that definitely sounds terrifying! what a crazy game, but i'm sure it was a fun experience. i agree, the equestrian boots are awesome!