February 22, 2011
morning seaside "coffee"
my favorite
little lucca's veggie sandwich
smoked salmon salad
chinese new year feast!
happy birthday norris!
my first galette
amazing shrimp
Yet another weekend where all of the photos I take revolve around food:

1. Morning chai lattes with Hanry and Anna, right next to the rainy seaside.
2. Proof of the rain and my adoration for my boots.
3. Saturday lunch.. and dinner. Little Lucca's is heaven.
4. Sunday lunch: avocado, smoked salmon and cranberry salad; courtesy of my sister.
5. Chinese New Year feast at Norris's house! No but really, there was so much food.
6. Pretty candles on a beautiful (and delicious) cake for Norris's birthday.
7. My first ever galette (recipe coming soon): my birthday present to Norris (and Monday dessert).
8. My second weekend feast thanks to Jenna. Shrimp, cabbage, carrots and rice. Healthy and filling!

But really, sometimes I think this food-picture-taking has gotten a little out of hand... but it also makes me want to document an entire week in food. Hmm...


  1. I cannot describe how hungry i am right now... :D


  2. the galette is very pretty!

  3. i am not kidding when i say i want you to mail me this galette item.

  4. everything you eat always looks so delicious!

  5. oh goodness! all of this looks amazing!! i am hungry...

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  6. Yum! All of that food looks absolutely divine!

  7. How come no one makes me a smoked salmon cranberry salad? I want! :(

  8. man you always post he yummiest looking pictures! do you ever do photography for cook books or something along that line? you would do well!!!


  9. A little fun fact for you... in 2007 I took pictures of everything I ate for the whole year! Now that's a lot of pictures of food! lol I tried to do it in 2009 but only it made it half way through the year. I wanted to put a book together of some sorts. I'm also thinking about doing it again and having a blog based around it. we will see.... =)

    ps. allll the food you ate looks sooo good!

  10. cb- thank you! I've only ever done photos for food reviews, but hopefully I can make my way to cookbooks in the future!

  11. your food pictures always make me so hungry!

  12. Ahh, Okay please send me the recipe to this Galette it looks AMAZING! Those rain boots are stinking adorable love them!

  13. Loving the rain boots! And the food, as always. :)

  14. I always love your photos with the boots/shoes! you take great photos!! love the food, YUM!

  15. The best weekends always revolve around food!!

    P.S. I just LOVE your boots!