things to love {about san francisco}

December 7, 2010
by Danny,
my music/badminton/life guru,
my sophomore year prom date,
and one of my best friends.
danny's feet
1. Not only does SF have a rich history concerning all walks of life, but its history is visible on a daily basis when walking through different ethnic neighborhoods.
2. Farmers’ markets are in abundance all year round in all parts of the city.
3. We are the home of the 2010 World Champion Giants!
4. If you’re in need of any kind of food, you’re literally within walking distance of it due to the small 7-square-mile area of the city, and there’s food for every kind of craving, from buns to tamales to curry to steaks.
5. We may not have much of a night-life, but there are coffee shops galore.
6. There’s a hill for every occasion.
7. We have fog; we have rain; but, most importantly, we have more sunny days per year
than even cities such as New York.
danny's farmers' market
danny's coffee
danny's chinatown
danny's sky
I'll just start out by saying that Danny and I met playing badminton while we were in high school. He's two years older and we found out that we lived a few blocks away from each other and carpooled home. Since then I've grown to see that he's one of the best people I know. He introduced me to music galore (Jimmy Eat World!) and always gives the best, most encouraging advice. We even went to prom together (I have no digital photos since my old computer died :\ but you can ask him) and he is a true gentleman.

After living in the Bay Area for almost all of my life, I'm rather embarrassed that I haven't done a "things to love" list about San Francisco yet. Good thing Danny's here, right? I completely agree with everything on his list (even if I prefer the A's, it's about time that the Giants won...). Farmers' markets, food, and hills are what we're all about over here. Another friend also once told me that San Francisco is the smallest big city, since it only has a 7-square-mile radius as Danny points out. It amazing how easy it is to get from one district to another: one minute you're driving along the Great Highway and before you know it you're in the Presidio and the Golden Gate is getting close. Danny has a true San Francisco heart-- I'm not even really sure what I mean by that, but it makes complete sense to me. And I think he'd agree. Thanks for your list, Danny! I'm proud to call San Francisco home.

If you have a list of things you love about your city,
feel free to send it in with some photos (including one of your feet)!


  1. i'm going to send you my list sometime soon!!! :)

  2. Yes, I would love you to do a post for PTD! That would be really nice :) haha.

    I was in SF early this year. It's one of the best places I've been to (next to Tahoe).

  3. you had me at number 7. new york is soooo cold and gloomy right now! although, i do love it.

    i've always wanted to visit san francisco...

  4. love it! we just visited San Fran and the bay area a couple of weeks ago- what a fabulous city!

  5. i so agree with the waling distance to any type of food, it really is amazing! i love sf too! and the bay area in general, never leaving, this is my home <3 thanks for sharing!!!


  6. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Dropped by here and have been reading for a bit. Your travel pictures are lovely, and I think you've inspired me to keep posting pictures on my blog from stuff besides outfits. (I always start doing it, but then I chicken out!)

    Take care!

  7. "A hill for every occasion." Love it.

  8. HAHA! Agree with the above comment. #6 is the funniest one, but #2 is probably my favorite. Embarcadero has the most impressive farmers' market, but I love the homey feel of the one at Stonestown (near Lake Merced). (Although I actually prefer Berkeley for #4. MAN does Berkeley win the contest for highest concentration of excellent varied walking-distance restaurants.)

  9. I definitely need to get there again as an adult!

  10. he is too cute. i adored this post!

  11. it's a dream of mine to live in san fran for a year or two. :)

  12. I love this city. We are hoping to move there next year (if UCSF is kind enough to accept my husband to their dental program). This list just makes me want to live there even more!