December 28, 2010
decorations in suppenküche
This post is long overdue, but: the last Friday of finals week/ the quarter, Jenna, Anna, David and I went out to eat at Suppenküche in San Francisco. Ever since David and I have been home from Germany, we've missed German food (and beer!). Lucky for us, Jenna is a restaurant connoisseur and told us about this place. The wait was long (the place was so popular but so tiny) but my spätzle was well worth it-- so much cheesy goodness. Not only was the night a celebration of finishing the quarter, but earlier that day I received a call offering me an internship with Sunset Magazine after interviewing the day before. I am ecstatic, and Anna and Jenna congratulated me with a celebratory 2 liter glass beer boot full of hefeweizen. It was gigantic but I had a lot of help.*
my celebratory boot
the width of the boot was literally the same size as our faces
pretty jenna
happy us
*Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home. The "camera regret" was overwhelming until Jenna sent these photos that she took with her iPhone. After seeing the first photo, I'm happier that it worked out this way.


  1. Congrats on your internship. I love Germany, specifically Berlin. Ah and the boot is always a lot of fun! Much love and Happy New Year!

  2. When we were in San Francisco two weeks ago, we were told by a few people to go to Suppenkuche! Unfortunately we never got around to it, but Das boot looks hilarious and like lots of fun!

    Congratulations on your internship!

  3. looks like a lot of fun! great fun photos!

  4. Congrats on the internship! Also, I go there all the time with my Steve! We sit along the back, behind the bar, where it's dark & only lit by candles! xo

  5. i can relate to the german food obsession :)

  6. That is one big beer! The boot reminds me of Vegas.