things to love {about rexburg}

November 2, 2010
by Laura, a California native gone north to Idaho.
Laura's feet
I'm originally from Chino, CA but am living in Rexburg, ID for school. Rexburg is teeny-tiny (about 14, 000 people, most of them being college students) so this list will be a bit different than others.
1. My college is here! BYU-Idaho.
2. The leaves turn colors in the fall.
3. Yellowstone National Park is just an hour away.
4. Little 'look' signs at all the crosswalks in town!
5. Our very own cupcake shop! This may not seem like a big deal, but we don't even have a Target here.
6. Almost everyone is my age.
7. I live with 6 girls, which basically means its always a dance party.
Laura's friends
Laura's leaves
Laura's yellowstone
While it's always fun to hear about big, famous cities, it's also great to learn about little gems like Rexburg. My hometown has two Targets within a 5 minute drive of each other, so Rexburg seems like a direct contrast to what I'm used to. Yellowstone, the single cupcake shop and the buzz of a little college town all sound so wonderful. It also reminds me that there are thousands of small little towns just like this and waiting for us to find them. I can't even imagine. Thanks for sharing, Laura!
If you have a list of things you love about your city,
feel free to send me a list with some photos (including one of your feet!)


  1. this is so true! i love visiting towns in the united states that are a little ways from the larger cities. my parents just moved to one in ohio and it is magical!

    and those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. makes me want to visit idaho!

  2. i love laura! so great to hear about my penpals town! :)

  3. Hey look, there I am!
    :) Thanks, Celeste, for the chance to share!

  4. what a great group of girls in that photo! i LOVE living in a constant dance party!


  5. I was just in Rexburg!
    That cupcake shop is deeeelish.

  6. Cupcake shops are always wonderful. What a great treat :o) Idaho looks like a pretty place... somewhere I've always wanted to visit. What fun that your adventures brought you somewhere so nice!