softball and celebrities

November 8, 2010
This weekend I got to play softball in Santa Cruz for the first time since I tore my ACL a year and a half ago. I'm definitely rusty, but it was so much fun. Also, I play catcher. Which means...
I'm like Geena Davis in A League of Their Own
Or the fat kid from The Sandlot.
Not laughing? That's okay, I thought it was funny.
In other news, George Clooney is coming to Stanford tonight to talk about Human Rights... what does George know about Human Rights? I have no idea, but I have a ticket so I'll let you know when I find out :)


  1. George Clooney?!?! So jealous!!

    I was a center/right fielder. I miss playing softball so much sometimes :(

  2. hahaha. sandlot = my favorite movie ever. & league of their own is up there too.
    & i am quite interested in knowing what george clooney has to say on human rights as well.

  3. cute post. ^^
    def let us know about what he knows about human rights! :D


  4. haha! love a league of their own, i was a former softball player as well back in the day! and...jealous that you get to see george clooney tonight...i'm not sure i'd be able to concentrate on what he's saying :)

  5. oh my favorite movies, a league of their own! i love playing baseball! the mister and i LOVE throwing the ball around in the park by our house. we signed up for a softball team years ago but there wasn't enough people to have a team so we never played :( it was a bummer! your weekend sounds great!


  6. bhahaha, i definitely laughed.

    ohh. oooh. george clooney. *swooooning*
    and he actually does a lot of human rights work in darfur... as if he weren't beautiful enough...

  7. He and his dad went to Darfur a few years back! I saw his dad speak about it in Cincinnati a few years back... they had some very interesting insights. Too bad George didn't show up at the lecture I went to!

  8. a league of their own and the sandlot?? you are my hero :)

  9. great taste. i like the same.

  10. my stanford friend just posted a FB status about this....!! ps emailing you my city post is on my to-do list! :)

  11. SIGH. my love for mr. clooney is of epic proportions! i love him so.

    the sandlot is one of my favourite movies. my family used to watch it every single summer when i was growing up.

  12. A League of Their Own!! That was (still is) one of my favorites as a kid.