things to love {about seattle}

October 26, 2010
by Janelle, one of my newest blog friends.
Janelle's dancing feet
1. In Seattle you appreciate the sun more than other geographic locations because you see the rain so often.
2. The city is a clash of cultures from various regions of the world and as a result, you can find any kind of food readily available for dinner take-out.
3. The city sure does love greenery. Delightful parks and lookout points can be found scattered around the city.
4. The birth place of grunge, the hometown of Jimi Hendrix, the stomping ground of Death Cab for Cutie, Seattle has a great music scene.
5. Set-up as a sprawling downtown metropolis with many smaller, surrounding neighborhoods with tons of charm, Seattle has no shortage of shops for the fashionista. There are both high end department stores, and quirky thrift shops run out of victorian style houses.
6. Ten Things I Hate About You. Sleepless in Seattle. Say Anything...
7. Art is everywhere, from murals to well thought out street grafitti. The SAM (Seattle Art Museum) also has a great collection of work, with new shows always coming through.
8. Romance. Seattle is no Paris, but full of small cafes, quaint book stores, romantic parks with views of the skyline, Seattle is a wonderful place to fall in love.
Janelle's chinese food
Art as seen by Janelle
Janelle's Seattle skyline
I think my favorite part about reading Janelle's list is that I get to see these things for myself in a few months! David and I just made plans to go to Seattle in December and I'm so excited to travel again. Thanks so much for sharing, Janelle! Everything about Seattle seems so eclectic, alive and laid back all at the same time. What a beautiful city. Seattle, we're coming for you.
If you have a list of things you love about your city,
feel free to send me your list with a few photos (including one of your feet!)


  1. I've never been to Seattle . I'd love to go though especially after this post. ( That first photo is SO cool!) - I like that you require feet for a guest post hehe. Veery cute!

  2. Ohhhh I want to visit Seattle! It looks like a fun place to live...even if it's usually drizzly. :)

  3. and greys anatomy!!

    that list is awesome! it makes me want to visit seattle soon!

  4. I love the list and completely agree. I lived there for three years and go back often, love it!

  5. Oh I miss you! I lived there a few years ago and loved it. So many fun bars and coffee shops!

  6. I love the wall art in Seattle. very pretty!

  7. I would love to visit Seattle but I dont know if I could deal with that much rain

  8. I'm dying to visit seattle is on my top places to visit asap! Looks absolutely beautiful! :)

  9. such a great list and beautiful images!

  10. I know what you mean about cherishing the sunlight!

  11. it's on the list! can't wait to visit soon.

  12. I am so collaborating on this, I love the idea!!

  13. i am in love with that first photo. i want to go to seattle just to see it in person!