things to love {about los angeles}

October 19, 2010
by Kim, photographer extraordinaire

1.The Getty. It's FREE and offers some of the most stunning views of Los Angeles(+)the hollywood sign
2.The beaches. The ocean. The picnics. (that counts as one thing right?)
3.There's a farmers market every day of the week
4.It's sunny 300+ days a year
5.Every band has a Los Angeles tour stop
6.It isn't uncommon to see Paris Hilton walking past you on Melrose.
7.The Hollywood Bowl, my favorite little spot in all of Los Angeles.

I was so happy when Kim agreed to send in a little list of the things she loves about Los Angeles! Even though I'm a California native, I spend most of my time up north and have only been to LA a few times. Now that I'm older and can take long road trips whenever I want, I'm hoping to visit more places in California that I haven't spent a lot of time in. LA's farmers' markets, picnics and frequent band spots are some of my favorite things about Kim's list, but her photos are what really make me want to visit. She's got such talent for soft, dreamy photography (reason number 45,324 to love her blog). Thanks for sharing, Kim!

If you have a list of things to love about your city,
feel free to send me your list with a few photos (including one of your feet!)

P.S.- You can find me over at Rhianne's today blogging about what I'm easily distracted by!


  1. I love the hollywood bowl!! It's one of my favorite venues!

  2. the getty is amazing! one of the coolest places ive ever been to :)

  3. Those pictures are AMAZING! I live only an hour from Hollywood, but have never actually been. Is that terrible? I guess I'll have to go!

  4. I just moved to San Jose a few months back and haven't made it to Los Angeles yet but it's certainly on my list now! Also, that Japanese garden! I can't believe how close I live to it!!

  5. I've never been to L.A. so far. But the pictures look so great. Hope I'll coming over there for leisure in a few years ;)

    xo, Mel

  6. Oh, Danny.. don't let your hate for the Dodgers taint the city. I'm sure lots of people there don't even watch baseball :)

  7. I love everything about these photos and need to PLAN a trip to LA like pronto ha! :)

  8. Celeste you are so kind. Thank you for all the wonderful compliments, I just added a link to this post on my blog. I hope you have a great day.


  9. Lovely! The Getty is FREE? Never knew that!

  10. Never been to LA but i really want to :) It on my bucket list to go the the Griffith Observatory in your photo ;)

  11. would love to visit LA! Wishing we had some of that heat up north right about now

  12. Oh my! I love the fountain picture!

  13. for some reason Los Angeles has never been high on my destination list, but you make it sound really lovely!

  14. aww love her blog and yes, a great list - her fountain photo is the best!