my own thank you {a giveaway}

October 29, 2010
My first giveaway, but that's not what I want to call it. I want it to be a thank you. Over the past year that I've had this blog it still amazes me that there are so many kind "strangers" who just want to say hello and make your day a little brighter. It's my favorite thing about the blogging community.

So, to say thank you for the love I feel here, I'd like to send some of my own love in the form of travel photographs from my little shop. In addition to a few little Bay Area surprises, three winners will get to choose three photos or two travel sets. Or one photo and one travel set.

To enter just leave a little note with three things that make you happy by midnight Thursday, November 4th. Feel free to blog or tweet for extra entries and leave extra comments to let me know. If your email is hard to find, please leave that as well. I'm so happy to have met such loving people through my little corner of the internet-- nothing warms the heart like genuine kindness.
athens travel set
oh, to be a frog


  1. Here it goes: I'm so very thankfull for my mother, she is a constant surprise and the strongest woman I know. I'm also so happy to have had the life I have: growing up in Africa, as a thrid culture kid...That is a thing that not many people can understand. The life experiences I had there during 9 years of my life were amazing, it shaped who I am today.
    The night makes me happy,it may seem stupid but the beauty of the night is so amazing to me, I'm happy it's there.

  2. This sounds fun :)
    3 Things That Make Me Happy:

    1. Being in a place I've never been before.
    2. That feeling you get when you know you're truely happy
    3. When my parents say they're proud of me!

  3. How sweet!

    Any three things that make me happy?
    1. Receiving letters in the mail.
    2. Travelling and seeing new places.
    3. Strawberries

    My email:

  4. blogging (because of people like you!), my dog (duh) & Matt. 3 wonderful things if I do say so myself.


  5. As a random stranger it's always fun to have a little window into someone else's world.

    3 things that make me happy?
    Old gnarly trees with cool silhouettes
    My boyfriend's smile
    pink jello salad

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  6. aww yay! :)
    three things that make me happy:
    candy corn, the office, and breakfast burritos from mcdonalds.
    YES. haha.

  7. new shoes :)

    traveling...of course!

    waking up to the smell of coffee.

  8. oh yay!

    things that make me happy:
    ellen degeneres.
    a clean kitchen after dinner.
    being barefoot.

    and i love being blog friends with you, Celeste! xoxo

  9. 1. seeing the world through people's blogs
    2. spending time with friends
    3. free days when you get to do do whatever you want, no strings attached

    so excited for your giveaway!

  10. awesome, love that it's a thank you b/c I feel the same way when I get comments from people, it's just such a nice feeling and I love how we've all made this little blog world a happy place to be!
    Three things that make me happy... a lyric that speaks to my soul, my feet feeling the coolness of grass in the fall and sunshine.

  11. Love your photos! I'm starting a travel photo wall in my dining room so these would be perrrfect :)

    1. Crisp breeze in the morning that FINALLY signals fall in this hot, hot city.
    2. Hazlenut coffee creamer to combat the terrible coffee here at work.
    3. Scary movie marathons.

    Have a fabulous weekend! :)

  12. I am so glad to have met you too! your photos always brighten my day :)

    3 things that make me happy?

    - my little bee.
    - taking photos.
    - blog world.


  13. I tweeted about the giveaway. my SN is BEEYUM, and I'm also following you there :)

  14. Isn't this fun, I just did something like this on my own blog.

    1. When my little boy gives me a great big good morning kiss.
    2. Having a head full of project ideas.
    3. Sleeping in.

  15. So sweet! Love your blog :)

    1. My husband
    2. Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
    3. Reading while in PJs!

  16. What makes me happy?

    1. Being a concert goer
    2. Filming
    3. Baked good.
    4. My puppy's little face.

    Stop by and say hello!


  17. Celeste, what a great idea! Your photos are outstanding :)

    What makes me happy?
    1. My 2-year-old godson
    2. Roadtrips when it's sunny
    3. Dandelions

  18. Three things that make me HAPPY!
    1. Celeste's Photography
    2. Bowls of Pasta in Bologna
    3. Sunflowers

  19. such a cute and personal giveaway!

    three things that make me happy:
    1) meeting fabulous new people in the blogging world & the real world
    2) my slobbering, loving, cuddly pit bull
    3) a nice, big glass of chardonnay!

  20. What a sweet thank you. Lets see my 3 things would be:

    1. My husband
    2. My chubby pup Oliver
    3. Coffee and lots of it

  21. this is lovely!

    1. creativity
    2. my little dog, daisy
    3. mumford and sons playing on the record player, very loudly. ;)

  22. 1. My doggie Rosie
    2. Photographs
    3. Vintage and Antique things

    Love your blog

  23. hmmmm....
    1. my family when we laugh out loud. nothing better.
    2. music/lyrics/beats... in essence words :)
    3. people

  24. 1. my husband
    2. caramel lattes
    3. discovering your sweet blog!

  25. 1. Hugs and Kisses from my kids
    2. When I get a text from my hubby
    3. Sunlight streaming through my curtains