things to love {about savannah}

September 17, 2010
by Chloé!
chloe's feet in savannah
1. the trees! they are everywhere and they are so magical.
2. hello, paula deen lives here! i'm a little obsessed with trying to spot her around town.
3. there are beautiful beaches close by.
4. it oozes with southern charm.
5. scad (savannah college of art & design) is located downtown, so there are hip college kids everywhere.
6. it feels like a small town, but with some conveniences of a city.
7. there are some adorable little cafes and ice cream shops sprinkled throughout downtown.


As someone who's never been/ knows almost nothing about the south, I was so happy when Chloé shared this! Savannah looks so gorgeous and charming... and I love that Paula made her list. I think I need to start planning a trip on the other side of the country ;) Thank you, Chloé!
If you have a list of things to love about your city,
feel free to send me your list with a few photos (including one of your feet!)

PS- Click here to see a few more of my holgas from the photoswap that were featured at Much Love yesterday!


  1. Cool list! I visited Savannah last year for a day/night. My sister and I went to lady and sons for dinner (paulas restaurant!). It was awesome. The city does have great charm. :)

  2. aw, sweet pic! Love the list, I gotta visit the south someday!

  3. wow. that place looks magical!

  4. Great pics! I've unfortunately never been in Savannah and in the near future I won't be :( I'm from Erope. But I'll put it on my list.

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. i get insanely jealous whenever i see someone visiting there! we spent our honeymoon on tybee island. soooo beautiful... and yes, the trees are totally magical :] enjoy it... and then soak it up a little extra for me!! ;)

  6. Girl, you just come on over to this side of the country! We'd love to have ya!

    Great post. Love Savannah!