our last lunch date

September 21, 2010
mini juke box
On the day that felt like my last day of summer, David helped me move my stuff into the new apartment and ran a ton of errands. And by a ton of errands, I mean that we went to a diner called Johnny Rocket's, got David some "athletic" clothes and picked up my very belated birthday* ukulele (!!!) present.

David wanted to go to Johnny Rocket's because it's where he always used to come to eat after his water polo tournaments in high school, and how could you deny anyone the chance to relive some nostalgia? So he relived childhood with a rootbeer float and I ate a large portion of the creamy vanilla ice cream in it.

Even though this day was mostly running errands and driving around a lot, it really felt like summer. The sunshine, the lazy lunches and the new melodies of my little ukulele. Now that I've just finished my last first day of school (ever), I wonder if summers will be the same. Will "summer" mean the same thing once you're no longer in school? I hope so.

david's rootbeer float
retro diner
a happy veggie burger

*And by belated birthday, I mean belated. My birthday is in April. We were still in Europe when it was my birthday, but David had already decided that he wanted to get me a ukulele (so so sweet of him). He wanted it to be a surprise so he didn't tell me until just before we came home in July.. and he had to wait even longer to get it until I finally made up my mind about which one I wanted.


  1. johnny rockets is *amazing* what'd you play on the jukebox? cute pics, looks like a fun time :)

  2. 1. I LOVE Johnny Rockets. I've only ever been to them in California, so I miss them here in Texas.
    2. Unfortunately, summer is a bit different once you leave school :( Sometimes I wish I wanted to be a teacher so that I'd always have a summer!

  3. Haha we didn't actually play anything. Instead, we tried to guess what letter and number (E6, C2, etc) each new song was hahaha....

  4. i have been to johnny rockets once but LOVE their root beer floats! one of my favorite deserts!
    you must show your ukulele! the mister has one and i love when he plays it!

    oh and happy belated birthday ;)


  5. I feel like summers do change a bit once schools over and done with, looks like a yummy burger

  6. how how sweet of david :)
    that place looks awesome, reminds me of ed rocket's in london, tommy mel's in madrid and eddie rocket's in dublin. Apparently all of them own rockets ! haha ;)

    about the meaning of summer, well i thing that once you leave school is never the same :(

    oh and i have JUST PUBLISHED your beautiful photo :) thanks for taking part in my little project!! have a lovely week!!


  7. apparently my message wasn't sent! i love that kind of places!
    i have just posted your photo at hello i'm analog :)

    thanks for taking part!!!! :)

  8. I've been reading for a while and decided to finally follow! The blog you have here is quite adorable! And Johnny Rockets really is exceptional!

  9. cute diner! great shots and yay for April birthdays! mines the 25th :D

  10. What?!!? No way! Mine is the 26th!

  11. You know, I've never been to Johnny Rockets but I see them around all the time, I think Andre would love it!! Hope you're having a wonderful week Love:)

  12. picture of the ukulele??????? :)

  13. This place looks so nice! I wanna go :(