September 24, 2010
My next city to catch-up writing about is Munich. Munich was an accident. Last summer, after I went to Greece, I had planned a trip all over Europe with a girl but it fell through and before I knew it, I was homeless in the drug center of Athens with no where to stay for 3 days until my flight. The said trip was supposed to end in Munich, so when I changed my flight to go home early, the only option I had was to fly from Munich even though I was still in Athens with no where to stay in either Greece or Germany.

I thought that I might be able to stay in the hostel I was at before my program started so I went to inquire only to find out that it was completely booked. Then, in what I like to refer to as my "walk of dejection" back, I remembered that I had a friend in middle school that may or may not have been in Munich for the past year. So I sent Kerstin a message, not expecting much, and within ten minutes she replied back letting me know that she was still in Munich and that I was welcome to stay with her and her boyfriend, Imad. So I booked my flight for the next morning and was on my way to Deutschland.

A miracle, in my opinion.

beer by monks
leaf covered building
i'm a creep
my first bier garten
one of my favorite places
for some reason.. the only picture of kerstin and i together in munich

I didn't expect anything from Munich. I saw it as a quick-fix to my situation and a miracle chance to see a friend I hadn't seen in at least 8 years. But Munich is beautiful. It's the wealthiest area in Germany so it's clean and charming to be in. It was my first German city, and introduced me to the amazingly delicious döner. I was so happy after just learning how to pronounce "Glockenspiel" correctly. The lovely Bavarian buildings, the amazing beer, and my favorite-- the Englischer Garten. Whenever I see my pictures I wish I could teleport back just to have a picnic underneath the glowing green park.

Munich will always hold a special place in my heart. I can't think about the city without gushing over how much I love it. How could I not? It's my miracle city.


  1. I can't wait to visit munich, I have a friend who lives there now and would love to take the time to go see her and to visit the city of course.

  2. Great great pictures :)

    I've spent lots of time in the alps, wandering etc. near munich (30 minutes by car away from Munich) but not in Munich itself.

    <3 your pics!

    xo, Mel

  3. Great great pictures :)

    I've spent lots of time in the alps near Munich for wandering etc. (ca. 30 min. by car away from Munich). But I've only once being in Munich.

    Love your pics <3

    xo, Mel

  4. I lived in Munich for a year and there is not a single day when I don't miss it. I hope to move back there at some point.

  5. Good things happen to good people. I firmly believe that.

  6. You were supposed to find Munich. I would hold it dearly in my heart, too,if I were in that position. What a scary feeling, to be all alone in a strange place. I am afraid that will happen to me when I study abroad. I am so glad you found your way, it is true that good things happen to good people...and your friend is an angel!

  7. great photos!
    and Munich looks great. ^^


  8. It's crazy how many "miracle stories" like that I have accumulated while being abroad....I love Munich too (I'm living just outside of Nuremberg). I used to live in Vienna and before that, Salzburg so I was happy to see both of those featured on your blog as well! :)

  9. thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.
    yours is just the cutest! Your layout is via blogger??!! So cool. I like the tabs at the left. how how how did you do it??!!
    Ha Ha!
    love seeing your travels, great and small.

  10. Yes, I just have my blog on the regular Minima template (I'm not sure how to get that with the new blogger) but then I just looked up the HTML for a left column, made little images/buttons with photoshop, then linked them to the pages I wanted. I hope this helps!

  11. How fun, looks like a great place to visit!

  12. Munich looks so great!! I'd love to visit one day :)

  13. The photos are wonderful! Munich was never really some place I had thought of visiting, but who knows after reading your post and seeing your photos, maybe I'll add it to the list!


  14. I love your blog & these pictures are unbelievable!

  15. i had a horrible trip to Athens too! unfortunately, i didn't get to go to a couple other cities before having to high-tail it outta there. I've heard Munich is amazing though. great blog!