turning 3

August 21, 2010
raine's 3rd birthday
my niece, raine, turns 3 today!

it seems like just yesterday she watched elmo on repeat and was learning to walk.
now she's a "big girl" singing taylor swift songs in her disney princess dresses.
this photo is from when she was hardly one
and now she's so big! ahhhh!

happy birthday, my little raine drop!


  1. awe, how sweet! happy birthday Raine.

  2. what a cutie! happy (belated) birthday to raine :)

  3. yay, happy birthday raine! :D and happy day celeste! love, love, love

  4. ah...your niece looks adorable. so cute. please tell her my happy birthday greeting for her. wish her all the joy and God bless her.

    anyway, i love your blog. especially the photos. so beautiful, i adore them.
    i'll comment later. see you..:DD

  5. Cute, so cute!

    Thank you so much for all the Italy tips, much appreciated!