it's a photoswap! (and other thoughts)

August 26, 2010
this summer i participated in rhianne's photoswap. for those of you who don't know, a photoswap is where two people are paired together, take photos, and send each other their undeveloped film (for the other to later develop). my photoswap partner is anna, who lives in australia, and these are some of the photos i got from her film. she shot with her wide lens superheadz and i think that they came out perfect!

to see more film from the photoswap, visit the flickr group!

lastly, since i've been home i've thought about my blog name and wondered how i'm supposed to live up to my "wanderlust" now that i'm back from seven months of being abroad. i have a whole school year ahead of me which sort of limits how far i can travel. this thinking has helped me understand that having wanderlust doesn't necessarily mean that you always have to be traveling- i'm realizing that even at home i'm discovering new things all the time. so for now, i'm sort of in "wanderlust heart" mode- where though i'm not traveling very far, my heart is always discovering something new.


  1. Ah! Photoswap seems sooooo neat!
    Those are beautiful photos.

  2. Ohh the Photoswap sounds like such a great idea! I'd be too embarrassed to send my film off to someone else, though - I have had very little luck with my Diana (sob).

    As for your blog name, I still think that it is perfect - you can still lust after wandering =) I am slowly getting through your travel posts and love them!

  3. wow, what a fun idea! and these photos are gorgeous! makes me want to visit australia even more, we were planning on going this december! :)

    re your comment on my blog - haven't decided how to decorate our basement yet, i'm thinking like turqoises as the bright color to contrast with the neutral tones! that's as far as i've gotten, lol!

  4. i love Rhianne's photo swap. the photos are always nice. i love these though!!