holgas at the park

August 31, 2010
no fireworks and david
park bridge
Photos from a walk at San Pedro Valley Park and swings from a San Francisco park. I'm not sure what else to say, except that I'm really happy that I got my Holga! I hope you're all enjoying your last day of August- I'm off to the city for lunch with a friend and then to pick up my bike from the shop!


  1. I love swing pictures. :) I hope you have a great Tuesday!

  2. the second photo is my FAVOURITE. i absolutely love it!! :)

  3. You look so happy in these sweet photos.

    Thanks for your sweet comment at my blog.

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  5. looks like fun, and holgas are da bomb (dont own one but wish i did!).

  6. Great photos! I really want to try a Holga. I've had such mixed results with my Diana. The Holga looks more consistent.

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog. √Čadaoin‏'s Diana picture are great aren't they? The Photoswap is so fun. I can't wait to do it again. :)

  7. Do you like your holga?--I was debating whether I should get one or not.

  8. Sarah- I LOVE my holga! I went for a 35mm instead of 120 so that it would be easier to develop film. And, they have them on ebay for a little cheaper than UO or lomography, AND you can choose what color yours is. I got yellow :)

  9. LOVING your photography <3 xox

  10. Hello, new blogger friend - thanks for stopping by my blog. Love these photos! So cool. Really, really love the photo in your header too - it's amazing. Kellie xx