June 20, 2010
this trip has been an array of everything for me. happy, nostalgic, sad, angry, you name it. i haven't been here for 11 years and everything is so different but just the same. i'm seeing things in a new light, with my grown up eyes. i want to understand the history of my family but it's hard to ask the questions. i didn't know where to start to talk about my trip here. and i'm leaving in 2 days. but, i think this is a good start.

during the search for old family photos of my paternal grandfather, i found these. my great grandfather and my great grandmother. i never imagined that i would get to see photos of them and i understand that they might not mean much to you, i can't get over them.

i didn't bring a scanner with me, so i just took photos of the photos in the albums. i just want to keep everything.


  1. I love old family photos! My dad's family is Italian and I would love to find some old photos of his grandparents (who originally immigrated to America before WWI) when they were still in Italia.

  2. so so so awesome! how are you? sorry i haven't commented in forever

  3. That's SO cool that you found these! Amazing! ♥

  4. Love these! Do you have a family tree started? I recently got photos from my relatives in Italy. So exciting! (ps to those who've already commented... start a family tree on! who knows what you can find! I'll help you if you want! Just contact me :))

  5. Celeste,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Yes, Stephanie Nielson is an amazing hero.

    I have been surfing around here on your blog. I am so impressed with how much you record, you will never be sorry that you kept such a wonderful record of who you are.

    I don't know you but I do understand well that need to know who you came from and I have felt that incredible cyclone of mixed emotions you are writing about here. I am so happy that you have found these glorious pictures.
    Trust yourself, you know what you need and how to find the answers to everything you desire.

    Be well and safe,

  6. This is amazing!! Family photos and visiting the places we come from feels like finding pieces of yourself, doesn't it? :)