a little update and things missed

May 13, 2010
i have spent considerably less time traveling here in oxford than i did when i was in florence. it was just so much more convenient with the italian train system and i feel like everything here in england is just so much more expensive. lately i've just been trying to get things done since i have so much more work but it's hard to stay focused.

originally, i was only going to be in europe until july 7th, so that i could visit david in potsdam after my term at oxford. i decided to enroll in a 3 week summer latin program in bologna so now i won't be home until july 24th. i'm happy to be going back to italy but i'm also a little sad that i have to wait even longer to be home.

these are things i miss/ want to do once i get back:
1. play with my nieces and nephews
2. eat my mom's cooking
3. eat a burrito
4. eat sushi
5. eat a cheeseburger from in 'n out
6. drive my car
7. give everyone their presents
8. use dollars!
9. watch the food network
10. simply be home with everyone that i love

dorothy was right. there's no place like home.


  1. haha u no ive never seen tht movie..i shud prbbly watch it.


  2. I'm excited for you to go back to Italy but I'm bummed you won't be there a few days longer! I'm thinking of going the first two weeks of August!

    Also, I'm in the process of writing your letter. I apologize for taking so long but my last final is Tuesday and I promise to have it mailed out Wednesday at the latest. :)

  3. so when are you heading home? you've been gone for so long. do you still consider the bay your home?

  4. i'm scheduled to fly home july 24th. the bay area will always be my home, even though i now think it's possible to have more than one home

  5. good luck with the 3 week program, dear! and mmmm, in 'n out is my favourite. :) SO good, and i bet it will taste even yummier because you've been away for so long!

  6. awe, this is too sweet. HOME SWEET HOME.

  7. so, i just found out i will be doing the nyu study abroad program in florence next year! i thought you might be able to give me some advice :)

  8. I'm in China until July 11th and I like it a lot, but home sweet home is the best (Germany)!!!!

    My to-do list for back home also includes your No. 1,2,7,10 and a lot more :)

    I love to read your blog. Greetings from China :D