March 31, 2010
now that we've left paris,
every city we go to seems to go by really quickly
(since we're only at each for 2 nights)

brussels was first:

the famous waffel
(and i sure look like it's morning...)

important things in brussels
as seen from our bus tour

the atomium
this is 165 billion times bigger than the real atom
it was put built for the world fair a long time ago
but was never taken down
and it sparkles at night (:

this was supposed to be for 1 human being...
it's gigantic
so we split it, of course

we like parks!
i think it's one of my favorite things to see in each city
david and i really enjoy sitting on benches and
wandering through different parks
even if my camera dies and i have no more photos of brussels...

i'm behind in posting (per usual)
and tomorrow morning we're heading to salzburg
but i'll be sure to post about amsterdam next


  1. you're amazing. i wish i lived your life. traveling is amazing!

    great photos.

  2. everthing about it is amazing!!! and the waffle made me hungry :( i agree with elizabeth i wish i lived your life!!!