February 24, 2010
during my weekend trip, my friends annabelle, emily, and i stayed in a cute little hotel in sorrento as our base for exploring the rest of the area. i'm really glad we did this because 1- naples is scary at night and 2- it's really easy to get to naples/pompeii from sorrento with the circumvesuviana train.

oh yeah, and sorrento itself is pretty adorable.

emily and annabelle!
i couldn't have been happier going with anyone else.

mediterranean (!) beach at night

the seaaaa

our drinks at dinner.
guess which one's mine?
that's right.. i'm 6.

yummy yummy pizza
leafy green section: arugula, pecorino, shrimp
in front: vegetarian.. spinach and tomato?
top left: frutti di mare!

p.s. the naples area is FAMOUS for it's pizza.

p.p.s. - more about this pizza later

i apologize for the lack of sunlight in these photos...
i was only in sorrento either late at night or in the early morning.

but it's still the most darling little beach town-
even in winter.


  1. your photos are always inspiring! i love how much fun your having with your life :)

  2. I really love the clouds in that last photo. :)