instant sunshine

February 26, 2010
today was a pretty normal day,
until i received my pen pal letter in the mail from angela beth...

then it was an AMAZING DAY.

i have felt this way for year and years,
and maybe this makes me a simple girl
but getting snail mail is pretty much instant sunshine in my book.

angela and i found each other through nicole's pen pal project
and i couldn't have asked for a sweeter pen pal.
just reading her cheerful letter brightens my day!

we make a funny pair because while i'm studying here in italy,
she just discovered that she has family over here
(in calabria (at the italian boot's tippy toes).. one of the most beautiful regions in italy...)
and will hopefully be coming here this summer (:

now... to write back...


  1. awe, receiving letter/packages in the mail is always fun!

  2. i love snail mail! and now, i need a pen pal!

  3. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I'm so glad you got it safely and quickly! :D This brightened MY day!