the tevere at night & a little award

January 29, 2010
just a photo i'm pretty happy about from rome.
evening light on the tevere with vatican city's saint peter's basilica in the back.


also, jodi over at if you never did, you should, has a truly amazing blog that i've fallen in love with. she posts all about things to try and gives little tips on how to go about doing them. examples: playing on waterfalls, taking underwater pictures, skydiving... to name a few.

she also recently gave me an award that i'm so thankful for!

in turn, i would like to pass this on to madeline elle. her blog is very sweet and sincere, and i have loved reading it for the past few weeks.

finally, the weekend!


  1. My mouth dropped when I saw this! This is so very sweet! Thank you. <3

  2. aw thanks for the kind words :)
    and that photo is gorgeous!

  3. congratulations on the award. the photo is amazing!

    have a great weekend.

  4. i wanna go to Rome so badly!

  5. ah! I think I might have stood on that bridge once, I have a very similar picture. What is it about the lights, the water, the sky, everything that makes Rome magical here? I wish I was there, so badly. Rome is my favorite. I love it there.