holiday tea party

December 23, 2009
today i hosted a holiday tea party with some of my favorite girls
complete with cucumber sandwiches, pumpkin scones, and devonshire cream

our tier of cucumber sandwiches,
egg salad sandwiches
& biscuits
(to be accompanied with jam and devonshire cream)

pumpkin scones.. from scratch :)

our pretty little table

candy canes in tea are SO GOOD
a encourage you to try it if you haven't already :)

love these girls
(raine decided to join us for the tea party).
if this is what it's like in england.. i can't wait!


  1. all the food looks delicious!
    Especially the candy cane in the tea!
    That's BRILLIANT!


  2. great idea, and party! you look stunning.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. oh this looks amazing!!! i was supposed to go to christmas tea with mum today but the weather was too nasty to drive downtown (but also we secretly just wanted to stay in our PJs all day and cook :-)