Catching Up (Delphi)

September 16, 2009

I have something to confess. I didn't take pictures of my feet in every city, like I thought I did. And I'm really regretting it now. But here's a substitute photo.

Delphi was my absolute favorite site. I also didn't take as many photos as I wished I had, so I also regret that. This little city is in the middle of mountains or giant hills or something, so it's all stairs. Each street is one level, and to get to the next street over you have to go up or down a flight. Needless to say, my knee hurt a lot. And, as I found myself saying frequently, "Who needs a Stairmaster when you have Delphi." Anyway, here is Delphi at night. These pretty little lights were everywhere.

Here is the beautiful site. Everything is up hill, but it was so worth it.

Justine, cute as always.

I think this is the Treasury of Apollo.
I missed it on our quiz.

(haha sorry for the caps, it was a big highlight being there).

On our way to the museum, Jamie found this little guy on her foot.

The famous kouros brothers (please don't ask me their names).
They were on their way to the festival of Dionysus but their cart broke down. Their mother really wanted to go but couldn't walk because she was sick. The brothers then carted their mother over to the festival. Later, the mother went to the temple to give thanks and asked how to make her sons die the happiest men alive. The next morning they were found, like this, dead but immortalized in stone. That day was their happiest because they served their mother and the gods. (I think that's how the story goes).

Me and the view from Delphi.

Greek risotto. Delicious.

Beautiful little church.

The day before, when we went to Delphi we couldn't go to the Temple of Athena because they were doing construction. I really wanted to see it, so the morning that our bus was leaving, I woke up really early and walked down to see it myself. It was a hike, but it was worth it.

I love you, Delphi.


  1. the kourus brothers story is correct, i think. it was in herodotus, when he was describing how to be happy. i think the moral had to do with dying in your youth and working as hard as you can at the peak of youth. hey did the oracle make any prophecies for you?

  2. it told me that the trek up the rest of the site would be painful, and it was.

  3. Hello! Thank you for following me! I am commenting on this post because I am greek and I felt so proud reading it and the other ones that refer to Greece... Thank you very much! I will be following you now! :D