today is the day!

June 29, 2009
that i fly out.

these past couple days have sort of been a whirlwind due to packing and getting all of this:

in this:

i managed... sort of. i have to bring a separate messenger bag for my books and then after greece i'll mail them home.

today my family had a "bon voyage" party for me. it was really cute. my sisters decorated with prints such as these:

and afterwards david and i went out to a nice dinner and spent time together.

and then kyle came over and we played hilarious games.

then david took me home, where i have been up all night getting everything together. he gave me this to read if i ever get homesick. i love my family and this boy. i'm gonna miss them so much.


  1. hey, have fun out there. remember, lots and lots of photos!

  2. i honestly do not know how you were able to pack everything in one bag. if i ever travel, you must show me your ways.

    gah, i wonder if you're in greece by now. hmm, you probably are. =)

  3. thanks danny! steph.. it is all about the compression bags. i'll show you their glory when i get back :)