May 5, 2009
while i should be studying for my midterm that's in less than 2 hours,
let me pour my heart out.

i just started this blog recently, to have a way to share my travels this summer
and hopefully further into the future
but the more i write here, the further away i feel from home.

i feel like i've lost a few friends and lately it's just been
me, my words, and the photos i wish existed.
i'm thinking of greece this july, parts of europe in august,
and then being away again next winter in oxford.
and while it's really exciting to think about, i've been focusing more
on how much i'll miss my... everything.

david and i managed to survive going to different schools last year
but at least then we could visit on weekends.
there aren't really weekend visits when
you're on different continents, though.

i'm afraid i'll miss him more than anything.

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